Airbag systems (srs)

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SRS sensors are all over your vehicle, detecting things like where passengers are sitting, how much they weigh, as well as the speed and direction of an impact during a crash.  All of this information is fed into the SRS computer that determines if and when an airbag or airbags should be deployed.  An airbag has to be inflated very quickly in order to protect vehicle occupants.

Today's vehicles are safer than they've ever been.  Design and construction techniques provide tremendous protection in an accident.  Your airbags are part of a very sophisticated system of sensors and computers called the Supplemental Restraint System - or SRS. 


There are a few things to keep in mind about airbags.  First, if the SRS dash light stays on, you need to have your system checked - something's wrong.  Also, when the driver's side steering wheel airbag is deployed, the steering wheel clock spring may be damaged.  So, the spring should be replaced when the new air bag is installed.

Also, when an airbag deploys, some or all of the sensors we've mentioned may be pre-triggered, meaning they are ready to go off.  Simply hitting a pothole could set off an airbag.  So, always have all SES sensors replaced when replacing a deployed airbag.  Only new airbags should be installed.  No one can guarantee the condition of a salvaged airbag.


We all want to be certain that a life-saving safety feature, such as the SRS system is in good working order.  Keeping your vehicle up to date on all automotive services and automotive repairs is going to keep you the safest.  You need a long-term maintenance plan; which happens to be a benefit we offer to every customer here at Ozzie's Automotive.  For any major or minor reason you may visit our shop we'll perform a detailed comprehensive vehicle inspection - beyond just the SRS system.  You leave our shop with the full picture of your vehicles current state in hand, allowing you to make informed decisions.  We want you to be free of the pressure to spend beyond your budget.  This is the type of high quality service and communication you can always expect from us.

Since 2007, our family-owned and operated business has been meeting the automotive airbag systems needs of Palm Desert and surrounding city drivers with complete transparency and honesty.  Ozzie's Automotive is proud to be a AAA Approved facility and NAPA AutoCare Center, where we follow a strict code of ethics in how we conduct business and treat our customers.  The whole team at Ozzie's take great pride in our clean, family-friendly facility.  Our entire team works very hard to uphold our reputation for accurate airbag system services and repairs as well as other automotive services and automotive repairs, proving ourselves to be your trusted alternative to any dealership.

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